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In this challenging yet relaxing physics puzzle platformer, you will need to roll a ball stuck in a circular cavity to collect rings. Roll the ball with simple controls and solve many mind-bending physics puzzles!

Each time a ring is collected, the layout of the environment is kept intact but more challenges and obstacles are unearthed as the circular level expands. Each level has many such rings to collect while working against gravity with labyrinth-like puzzles to solve as they increase in complexity!

Sit back, relax and solve the puzzles of this simple, yet challenging platformer while enjoying the mesmerizing sounds of a slow strumming guitar and a mellow beat.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN12r-MGvCQ

If you like games like BADLAND, Freeze!, World of Goo, Miseria, Sprinkler you might love this one!

Game features and highlights:
* Simple, intuitive controls. Simply tap the left or right half of screen to move and roll the ball
* 14 levels of increasing difficulty designed creatively (* with many more hard levels to come *)
* Stuck at a level for too long? Skip it.
* Share time scores with your friends!
* Euphonious music with a lot of space by musician Kevin Macleod: "Clean Soul"
* Captivating moody atmosphere with minimalistic 2D graphics

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